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e-Alps' history

Haute Routes by e-bike

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A shared passion for travelling and the Alps

Chronicles about our e-MTB Haute Routes

  • July 2016

    Bike packing in Mongolia

    What’s the link between e-Alps and Mongolia?

    It was their passion for bikepacking that united Adrià and Maxence in the first place and led to their first adventure across the Mongolian Steppes. During four weeks of sharing a small tent, riding through all kinds of conditions and discovering the local cuisine, the e-Alps seed was planted.

  • July 2018

    How about a trip across the Alps?

    Would it be possible to create a business and offer similar kinds of trips across the Alps?

    Once back from Mongolia, the seed continued to grow, and the idea of allowing people to discover the rich landscapes and culture of the Alps developed.

    Next step: figure out what kind of bikes to use, and work on the concept of the trips!

  • October 2018

    The first Haute Route on an e-bike

    Adrià and Maxence spent the Autumn hiking Alpine peaks. At the same time, they discovered a love for e-bikes, and began exploring the endless possibilities of exploring mountains on them.

    The project started to come together. The aim was to bring together the spirit of the mountains and the love for travel with the epic backdrop of the Alps. The concept of the Haute Route seemed to fit the brief perfectly: trekking through the Alps (from point A to point B), passing through the highest possible points.

    Chamonix - Zermatt is the traditional Haute Route, both on foot and skis. Could we be the first to adapt the trip for e-bikes?

    And so, e-MTBSWISSALPS (yeah, that’s the original name …) was born!

  • June 2019

    Two New Zealand employees!

    The first two pearls found to support us are...New Zealanders! Brooke and Amanda, an extraordinary couple who will mark the first season of e-mtbswissalps with their smile, energy and professionalism. Extraordinary people who have quickly become friends. 

  • June 2019

    Creation of the "The Short Haute Route" and the "Family & Friends Haute Route"

    In order to meet the needs of the first customers, e-mtbswissalps quickly shows an agile approach in the development of the company.

    A shorter Haute Route, Verbier-Zermatt, is created as well as a public Haute Route "The Family & Friends Haute Route" from Vercorin to Zermatt. Experiences that will be a hit from the very first season!

  • October 2019

    Looking into new Haute-Route ideas

    Clients seem to love our Haute-Route concept, so e-Alps (we finally got rid of the e-mtbswissalps name) starts looking into Haute-Route ideas in different regions.
    The “Glacier Haute-Route” is born, going from the Plaine Morte glacier towards the Aletsch glacier. This route goes away from the beaten track and boasts some exceptional single trails.

  • June 2020

    Creation of the "e-Alps on Tour"

    To react to the Coronavirus pandemic, e-Alps decides to launch a one-day operation to seduce local customers. The "e-Alps on Tour" is launched and will make the Swiss public discover the different partner regions. More than 500 people will participate to this operation to boost tourism! 

  • October 2020

    Creation of the “3 Country Haute-Route”

    To satisfy frequent requests from our customers, e-Alps decides to revisit the Tour of the Mont-Blanc adapted to an e-bike format. The route created is exceptional and takes you off the beaten track, but the level of technical difficulty is not to be underestimated. The “3 Country Haute-Route” is still one of the most demanding trips offered by e-Alps.

  • July 2021

    E-Alps joins forces with the Grison tourist board!

    For the first time, e-Alps is offered the chance to work with a tourist board to develop yet more trips. The canton of Grisons is considered as the Mecca of mountain biking, and e-Alps is excited to work on the Alpine Circle project to offer two new trips that are open to all. The “Alpine Circle Routes - Vest & Ost” see the day.

  • September 2021

    Creation of the "Grisons Haute-Route"

    Having been inspired by the enormous potential that the Grison Alps offers, e-Alps decides to create a new Haute-Route between Lenzerheide and St-Moritz. With over 5 mountain passes at 2300 metres altitude, the Grisons Haute-Route is the most “alpine” adventure that we’ve offered so far.

  • May 2023

    Creation of "Tuscany: Sail 'n Trails"

    Captivated by the natural beauty, dolce vita vibes and rich history of Tuscany, e-Alps decides to charter into non-Alpine waters, crafting an e-MTB summit-to-sea adventure mixing epic trails and sailing in the shimmering Tyrrhenian Sea. They concoct the ultimate epicurean adventure.