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About Us

Who are we ?

Passionate about the Alps

  • Maxence

    Founder and CEO

    The local of the company!

    The Alps are a part of Maxence’s DNA. Good food too ;). He’s passionate about creating the most incredible adventures for you, including all the best cuisine!

  • Adrià

    Founder and CEO

    Adopted by the Alps!

    If Adrià has unpacked his bags here, it must mean he’s fallen in love with the Alps. His adventured spirit has inspired the e-Alps journey.
    No need to look any further, you’ve found the best travel companion you could wish for!


Our guides

The e-Alps team is one big family, brought together from around the world with one shared passion: the Alps. Each guide has their own personality and will bring something different to your trip. Only the best to accompany you during your adventure!

  • Diego

    Que caliente! Take the South American heat and mix it with the versatility of a Swiss army knife: you’ve got Diego. For him, the most important aspect is being able to share special moments in the mountains.

  • Amandine

    A combination of a Belgian sense of humour and the precision of a Swiss watch, with Amandine, the faster you pedal, the quicker we’ll get to apéro time. This dynamo is also our events and sales specialist. 

  • Elisa

    Andiamo ragazzi! Elisa is always ready to go with a smile on her face. With the same punctuality as a Swiss station master, she also has a great sense of humour. :)

  • Sam

    Need any help finishing that tartiflette? For Sam, finishing one’s meal is just as important as making a clean turn on a single trail. Sam’s the perfect companion on the bike as well as around the dinner table.

  • Coline

    Our youngest team member, Coline, rocks the slopes. An accomplished snowboarder, talented road cyclist and a natural mountain biker, the mountains are her playground. She'll be your ultimate adventure sidekick with her skills and good sense of humour!

  • Dylan

    Dylan is our globe-trotting adventurer! With a wicked sense of humour and an unwavering love for mountains, there's never a dull moment in his company. He's practically a walking encyclopaedia of the Alps Vaudoises – ask him, and he'll recite every peak from memory!

  • Adrien

    This thrill-seeking Frenchman is equally crazy about shredding on skis and an MTB. An educator at heart, he loves sharing his passion for the outdoors. You'll have an unforgettable adventure and emerge a better rider with him!

  • Ettore

    Ettore knows the Aosta Valley like the back of his hand. With over 30 years of guiding experience and a knack for teaching, this warm-hearted Italian will lead you to the Alps' finest trails. 


Often working behind the scenes to make your adventure as special as possible, our logistics team are the hidden gems of your trip. From preparing a 5 star picnic, to helping with any repairs, they can do just about everything!

  • Kari

    Que rico! Kari prepares the best picnics for you and cookies are her speciality. Getting to her table will become your daily goal!

  • Hector

    Todo bien! Does your bike need to be repaired? Hector will be there in a flash and can take care of any mechanical problem that you could possibly have. Your e-bike is definitely in safe hands with him :)

  • Vale

    This Italian brings life and passion into everything she does. Her five-star picnics, made with lots of love, are filled with flavour and colour. You’ll never look at a picnic the same way after tasting Vale’s picnics.

Our operations team

Our dedicated operations team works tirelessly all year round to keep our wheels turning and our ideas flowing. 

  • Amandine

    A combination of a Belgian sense of humour and the precision of a Swiss watch, with Amandine, the faster you pedal, the quicker we’ll get to apéro time. This dynamo is also our events and sales specialist. 

  • Marcela

    Hailing from South America, our content and marketing whiz is a coffee and MTB aficionado! A creative soul, she crafts stories and sips coffee with a smile. Join her for a brew and a bike ride!

  • JB

    To say that JB loves bikes is an understatement. This Martinican lives for them. When he's not sending it full throttle on his downhill bike, he's meticulously caring for every single bolt and bearing on our e-bikes.