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What’s the age range of people who come on these journeys?

Our two experiences caters for a wide age range; typically between 30 and 60 years old, but age is a simply state of mind, as we say, we welcome anyone over the age of 18! Family groups are welcome. As long as you have a good level of physical fitness and technical skills you will enjoy these journeys no matter what your age.

How many people will be in the group?

We only run small groups to ensure that everyone has the best experience possible. The groups will generally be between eight and ten people for two certificates Swiss cycling guides. The minimum number of people we require to run these experiences is four.

How far will we be biking each day?

The distances we cover each day range from 35km to 50km, in accordance with the altitude and height gain/loss on each stage which could be around 2000+ each day. Don’t worry about the uphill we will change the batteries in the middle of each day so you will be able to use full power on all simple uphill.

What style of ebike tour is it?

This e-MTB is ideal for intermediate and advanced mountain bikers. The terrain you will be riding on consists a fine combination of flowy singletrack, two amazing alpine passes, surprising balcony trail and also some technical but short parts of paths.

Do we have to carry all our gear with us?

No, you only need to carry a daypack with you whilst riding. We have your large kit bags transferred to your next accommodation each day, and have it ready and waiting for your arrival.

What if I come across a section of trail I can’t ride?

Your guide will be very happy to give you some bike skills help during your trip to help improve your confidence and your enjoyment. If there is a section that you would prefer not to ride, then you can simply hop off your bike and walk. You won’t be the only one to walk certain sections and it’s not a competition in biking ability; it’s a mountain bike holiday! If one day you feel bad or you are not able to ride anymore you can also jump into our following van that will drive you to the next accommodation.

Who will be guiding us?

Your mountain bike guides are local to Switzerland and experienced professionals who have a real passion for mountain biking and for the culture and landscape of Switzerland. Your safety is their number one priority, closely followed by your enjoyment of your e-MTB experience. They will always be on-hand to answer any questions or requests you may have throughout your trip.

What sort of accommodation will be staying in?

If you choose the Haute Route experience you will be staying in a selection of traditional alpine chalet: like la Grange, l’Auberge, le Refuge alpine, le Suisse old-school Charming Hotel and le British Historical Panoramic Hotel.

If you choose the 7 wonder experience you will be staying in a cosy wooden house at 1200 meters high.

Which meals are included?

It depends the experience you choose, if you take the Haute Route all meals are included.

If you take the 7 wonder all meals are included except one day where you can go to eat wherever you want.

All the meals are made with local products and cooked with Swiss tradition.

What type of eBike is best for the trip?

A good quality full suspension with 140mm front travel would be ideal for this mountain bike tour Switzerland.

Will there be a chance to get laundry done?

Yes, you will have the chance to have laundry done, this is also included in the cost of your adventure.

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